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Cyr Wheel @ Glastonbury Festival 2016

Cyr wheel act "Cirque du Cercle", performed at the Circus Big Top of Glastonbury Festival 2016
Artist: Pascal Häring 


Performance @ Switzerland's got Talent 2016


Cyr Wheel @ Art on Stage, Biel 2015

This act has been choreographed to the song of Phenomenon and performed in November 2015 in Biel, Switzerland
Artist: Pascal Häring 


Cyr Wheel @ Color Fantasy

This act has been developed for and performed for the show "Pirates of the Skagerrak" on boad the M/S Color Fantasy by Color Line, a ferry cruising between Kiel (GER) and Oslo (N). Performed in October 2013. Performer: Pascal Haering


Cyr Wheel @ Varieté Et Cetera

Cyr wheel act performed at the spring season of Varieté Et Cetera in Bochum: "Weggezapped", 1 February to 28 April 2013, Performer: Pascal Haering.
This is the version of the act for rather small stages, performed on a stage with only 5 metres depths.


Roue Cyr @ Swiss Christmas 2012

Cyr wheel act performed at the Swiss Christmas Show 2012: "Diamond Illusion" in Zurich Oerlikon, 22 November - 31 December 2012, Performer: Pascal Haering


Juggling Act with Ball and Cane

Performed by Pascal Haering, July 2012


Juggling Act "Butterfly"

Performed by Pascal Haering, November 2011


Adagio Act: Lederhosen

Performed by Pascal Haering and Jemadeekara Lewandowski-Porter at Cabaret Vertigo in Melbourne, May 2011


Juggling Act: Les Triplettes De Belleville

Performed by Pascal Haering, November 2010


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