Bristol Cyr Wheel Intensive

January 20th to 22nd (Saturday - Monday)

Come and join me for 3 days of wheel spinning fun. Whether you are a pure beginner or fairly advanced doesn't matter, we'll work on your level.

- 9 hours of training in 3 days
- open to all levels
- large space (the hall is big enough so that everyone can spin at the same time!)
- A limited number of wheels are available. If you don't own a wheel, get in touch with me
- Additional unsupervised practice time

Beginners class

9am - 10.30am and 11.30am - 1pm

Intermediate / Advanced Class

2pm - 3.30pm and 4.30pm - 6pm


£50 for one day
£90 for two days
£120 for all three days
EARLY BIRD: £105 for all 3 days if booked before 20 December


By email to You will then be asked to pay a £20 deposit to secure your space. When signing up, please state the following information:
- Your name 
- Whether you own a wheel or you need to rent one 
- Your height - Your level (tell me whether you've never touched he wheel, or what you've last been working at) 
- Your preferred class (beginners or intermediate/advanced).

I will get back to you if I think the other class would be more appropriate for you.

Course Content

Depending on your level we will cover
- Basic waltz 
- Technique of centred spin, cartwheel and coin 
- Various tricks based on these basic moves 
- Wheel manipulation 
- Creative work to find your own styles and movements with the